Women Fashion Do’s And Don’ts

Women fashion comprises of some simple do’s and don’ts. Some women who turn 40 tend to give up on themselves in terms of how they dress. Women can look just as charming in their 40s as any other time previously if they can dress well and understand the fashion that suits them. There are definitely some physical changes and the bodies are in a transition phase. It is imperative to understand those changes and dress accordingly. 40s women fashion is still about sticking to your original style. That means, if you are someone who likes to look smart and crisp, you can continue to do so. If you are someone who likes to dress casual, you can do the same.

You however, need to avoid those old ripped jeans or track suits and instead purchase something that is smart and neat. Age can bring sophistication too and 40s women fashion could use this elegance, for example, through a beautiful silk scarf, a formal attire that is well tailored or a pair of comfortable fit jeans. Knee length skirts, lovely shoes and wrinkled necks with stand up or turn up collars are all good for women above 40. This is because in the usual case, legs and shoulders do not change as much with age as some of the other sections of the body. A look at ageing movie actresses would give a good idea of what will look good on you and what wouldn’t. Skinny, tapering jeans for example, aren’t really great for women over 40 unless you have an age defying figure to go with it.

Similarly, loose, baggy clothes should be avoided if possible as they make you look older than you actually are. As far as 40s women fashion is considered, there are couple of things to take note of. One should never try to dress younger than their age, as that would only end up backfiring. That is why women in 40s would do well to avoid miniskirts and plunging necklines. Secondly, this is a time when you need to define your own fashion instead of following the trends. Trends aren’t really attractive for most women over 40. There are brands like Marks and Spencer that sell clothes for different weight groups with varying shades. A beauty expert can also tell you what the right makeup and hair style should be. Neutral tones and light eye liners are advisable too.

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