Wide calf knee high boots

Wide calf knee high boots

Calf boots are one the most fashionable types of women’s boots. Finding the right size for your calves and feet can be difficult. This guide will help you love this versatile boot style regardless of whether your calves are narrow or broad.

What is a calf boot?

Calf boots are any boot higher than your ankle and lower than your knee. There are many styles of calf boots, some with narrower or wider fits. There are also a variety of heights, some being quite tall while others are shorter. Mid-calf boots are the most popular type of calf boot. They finish (as their name implies) in the middle of the calf.

How important is it to get the perfect calf boot fit?

Style and fit go hand in hand. Calf boots look best when they fit snugly around the calf. Your foot health and comfort are also dependent on how well your calf boots fit. Your calf will bulge if the boot is too tight. The boot will rub and chafe if it is too loose. The boot’s top should fit like a glove.

  • A calf boot may also not meet your calf if you are more petite than someone taller.
  • Some people naturally have larger or smaller calves than others.
  • Regular exercise can make your calf muscles stronger, bigger, and more prominent.

Top tip. They are too big if you have more than two fingers between your boot and your leg.

Widest fitting boots

These boots are perfect for women with large calves. Find:

  • Extended Calf Boots. Sometimes, you will see styles called “extended” calf boots. They are made slightly wider to provide a more comfortable fit.
  • Boots with elastic panels. Some boots have side panels made from elastic, giving you more flexibility. These panels can help ensure the perfect fit.
  • Boots with full-length zippers. Boots with a zipper that extends down to the ankle will make it easier to get them on and off.

Top tip. You can make your calf boots more comfortable by wearing thick socks. Also, a hairdryer can mould your boots to your leg contours.

The best narrow calf boots

As with wide calves, narrow calves can pose a problem. These narrow-fitting calf boots will help you avoid glaring boots.

  • Boots for the calf. These boots can be used for narrow calves. A softer look is expected, so there will be a gap between the calf (and boot). These will make you look odd if you wear fitted, fashionable styles.
  • Boots with laces and buckles. Some styles like lace-up or buckled calves boots can be adjusted to a tighter fit. These are great for narrow calves.
  • Stretching boots. Calf boots with some stretch will be narrower to fit different sizes.
  • Mid-calf boots. This can make your calves appear larger.
  • High heels. These can give the leg a shorter, slimmer look.
  • Boots that reach knee-high. A variety of knee-high boots with a narrow calf will offer the perfect fit.

Top tip. Wearing tights, jeans, or leggings in the same colour as your boots can help you slim down.

Go forth and search for the perfect pair of calf boots. We have plenty of options for you, whether you are looking for wide calf or narrow boots for women.

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