Top Fashion Trends For Fall From Practical To Over The Top

It’s time for back to school shopping, and stores are about to debut their fall collections. That means that you are about to have your chance to take part in some of the top fashion trends for fall. Here are some of this year’s trends.

Sparkly Jewelry

While minimalist jewelry has been in style for the last few years, sparkly brooches and earrings are among the top fashion trends for fall. Fashion journalists are heralding the return of bling.


Ladies who commute to work by public transportation will breathe a sigh of relief when they see that the top fashion trends for fall include low-heeled loafers. These easy to walk in shoes are much more stylish than the flat-heeled, unisex loafers of the 1980s but much more practical than the towering shoes that have dominated the fashion collections of recent years.

Carwash Pleat Skirts

Carwash pleat skirts are form fitting from the waist to the upper thigh, and then they break out into swinging pleats that are about the thickness of vertical blinds. Designers from Tommy Hilfiger to Christian Dior have included this style of skirt in their collection.

Practical Black Boots

The fall collections this year include many styles of ankle-length black leather boots for women. They look elegant and businesslike for fall but are durable enough not to show damage from the winter snow.

Flounce Hems

Many of this year’s full length and medium length skirts have flounce hems, meaning that they swing like sundresses but still keep you warm for the fall.

Furry Shoes

For all you fashion victims who insist on following all the top fashion trends for fall 2015, this year’s collections include fake fur on virtually every type of shoe, from boots to platform shoes, to sandals. Just don’t wear them in the snow unless you want to take them to a dog groomer to get them looking presentable again.

Coats with Fur Trim

Many designers this year debuted coats with fur cuffs and fur trim, as though they had taken classic fall coats and fed them after midnight.

Elbow-Length Gloves

Long gloves make everyone feel like a starlet from the golden age of Hollywood. They can also help you stay warm.

Gray Suits

Pop culture made us painfully aware of how many shades of gray there are, and this fall, you get to choose the shade that looks best on you. The fall season collections have brought back some timeless styles, but they also contain some fad items that, in a few years, will have people saying, “That’s so.” Have fun trying them on this fall and seeing which ones work for you.

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