Three Tips Fashion Marketers Can Teach You

Fashion is everywhere. Fashion is everywhere, whether it’s on magazines covers, on television, or on our backs. We are so ensconced in fashion that we don’t even know how to live without it. Fashion has been at the forefront of advertising and is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. Fashion marketing has benefited from a multitude of digital platforms that allow it to advertise. Many of these platforms allow creative deception. Here are some tips and tricks that the fashion industry uses, and how they can integrate into other industries.

1. It should be “Pretty”

As Lance Horsey explains in his article in The New York Times, “Why We love Beautiful Things,” “brain scans reveal that the sight or touch of an attractive product can trigger a part of the motor cerebellum which governs hand movement.” This is especially helpful for visual content that is viewed on smartphones as it can cause viewers to stop scrolling and pause to take a closer look. Fashion marketing often uses images with striking colors, attractive models and beautiful backgrounds to grab attention. Even if the product is only briefly displayed, it can be crucial to grab someone’s attention. Appealing color and layout can not only make someone pause to look at the image but also trigger an emotional response that makes them want the product.

2. Feature everyday people using your products

Promotion of products in style lover blogs is one of the best ways to market fashion. It is a huge trend that everyday women and men take photos of themselves in their outfits, linking to similar items or clothing. Fashion companies find this a great marketing tool as they don’t have to do much and can still be viewed by thousands if not hundreds of people. Instagram makes it easier for bloggers promote other products using the “liketoknowit” app. This encourages Instagram users “like” photos to get the details about clothing in their emails. You can also use Instagram to promote your product cheaply. Customers who have purchased the product will be encouraged to enter a competition to be featured on the company page. Daniel Wellington, a watch company, does a fantastic job of showing customers photos of the product at different locations around the globe. Their Instagram is not only visually appealing with its cool backgrounds but also shows their customer base, making it more credible and trustworthy.7

3. They shouldn’t be allowed to leave your “Site”

Retargeting ads is a powerful advertising strategy for fashion marketing. It allows potential buyers to see the product in real time and makes it visible. Retargeting ads work by using algorithms to fill advertising space on Facebook or other social media sites with products that the person has previously viewed on sites like Nordstrom. People are continually reminded of products they have viewed previously on their pages by keeping them near the edges. This keeps the product fresh in their minds. These spaces can be used to promote sales and other products, which will keep the customer coming back to the site to purchase the product. The best thing about the advancements made by the fashion industry in creating new marketing channels is that other industries can borrow their success and use them to market their products. The products become more like an accessory to the experience. This encourages people to want to purchase products to share similar experiences. The products can be made easily by using everyday people. With the right layouts and colors, viewers will feel the desire to fulfill the emotion.

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