The Renowned Moleskine Notebooks – A Stylish Fashion Accessory

The thriving trend of Moleskine journals began years ago. Back then, it was just a pocket-sized object in black. The Moleskine notebooks are actually an inspiration and successor of the notebooks used by famous thinkers and artists over two centuries ago. Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Bruce Chat win and Ernest Hemmingway, only to name a few. The object had no name, but it was a masterpiece on its own. The artistic and legendary people many decades ago were the buyers. The notebook was their close companion, holding their stories, notes, ideas and sketches.

In the mid-1980s, the book suddenly vanished from the scene. Chat win nicknamed the notebook ‘Moleskine’ after he found out that family owners of the notebook closed it down. It was brought back to life in 1997. The legendary name for the notebook was restored. Thus, Moleskine started of its journey again. However, this time it is an essential complement to the world of fashion and style. Moleskine has evolved into an experience that seizes the realities on the move and provides exceptional practices on paper. It gambles on the emotions and ideas that are released over time.

The Moleskine Notebook Today

Today, Moleskine has turned into a big brand that goes parallel with travel, culture, imagination, fashion, style and of course personal identity. The journals have gone forward from being just a notebook. They are a hip fashion accessory nowadays. The latest Moleskine notebooks are dedicated to personal taste and passions. They provide a place to store the best thing of our lives in a whole new way.

Moleskine Journals – A Stylish New Fashion Trend

Moleskine journals are one of the favorite ways for people to stay focused on their fashion style. It does not even look like a chore because it is so much fun writing and pasting in the notebook. It is a notebook for serious fashionistas and style lovers who constantly need to re-evaluate their style. You can also fill it with blogs or use it as an agenda diary. Make a list of all the must-have items, events and DIY projects and online shop addresses. It’s a stylish way to keep up with all those lists you have. The journal comprises of a number of sections, tags and stickers that say ‘must-have’. You can stick the tags on your favorite items. You can organize your wardrobes in the themed sections and track style trends, events sales and much more.

A Journal for Fashion Followers

Moleskine journals are the best way to get the fashion flavors of the season. It’s a new trend that is creating hype all around. They fulfill the needs and whims of the fashion designers, stylists, fashionistas, fashion victims, models, fashion bloggers and almost anyone who has a thing for fashion and style.

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