Stylish raincoats for ladies uk

Stylish raincoats for ladies uk

A person may reach a point where they cannot put off purchasing a good waterproof coat, especially if they live in the British Isles. It rains approximately 165 days per year. It might be necessary for UK residents to have two raincoats: one for warm weather and one for the colder days. (Remember, while it rains all year, it is rainier during the winter month).

How do you pick a fashionable raincoat? To get their raincoat recommendations, we spoke to ten well-dressed women, including performers and stylists. There’s a raincoat to suit everyone’s needs, from a lightweight shawl for music festivals to a waterproof jacket for when it’s downpouring. Find out the full parkas, belted Macs and hooded jackets.

The best overall raincoat



Rhona Ezuma, the London-based stylist and creative Director, advises that “if your goal is to get a decent-quality product of something, it’s always a good idea to consult a specialist.” Rains sell waterproof outerwear and rain-friendly outerwear. Most of their raincoats are under PS100. Azuma loves the brand’s jacket in shiny black. She says it’s a great trans-seasonal companion and works well in wet-and warm spring and damp-and dull autumn.

Rains Short Hooded Coat


boyfriend “very sweetly,” bought her one she loved — “he was sick to me going on walks complaining about getting drenched,” Kellett says. Where would a newbie raincoat buyer go to buy their first waterproof purchase? Rains, naturally. The brand’s new raincoat is its versatile black Short Hooded Coat. Kellett says it has “good-sized pockets” but is also “very lightweight.” It is attached with poppers, just like most Rains coats. However, it’s great for surviving rainy walks.

Rains Belt Jacket


Social media editor Niamh Donoghue loves Rains, and she chooses the brand’s Belt Jacket black for a raincoat that feels smart. O’Donoghue states that the belt gives a raincoat an extra level of arrogance. The just-above-the-knee length is both practical and elegant. The brand’s trademark drawstring hood features a built-in cap and large front pockets.

Raincoats that are best (and more expensive)

Stockholm white unisex raincoat


Jess Latowicki, the writer, and performer, says she prefers the Swedish brand Stutterheim over Rains. She claims that the jackets are more durable than cheaper ones. She says that Stutterheim is the best Scandi raincoat. “It’s durable, heavy, and available in every colour you can think of,” she says

Stockholm Khaki Green


Jessica Morgan is a senior editor at Bustle UK and a big fan of the Stutterheim raincoat. She wears hers in khaki. After years of admiring the jacket, she decided to purchase her own after being caught in a Stockholm downpour. She says the jacket is only suitable for spring and autumn downpours because it’s light. Morgan, who regrets not having bought a yellow coat, is keen to try another coat colour. She said, “But I love my coat and wear it all the time.”


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