Six Money-saving Fashion Tips

Fashion is not a priority, but a luxury. It’s a necessity, I believe, because it speaks volumes about your personality, how you feel and where you have been. High-end fashion is often expensive. Instead of spending too much on my favorite items and using my credit card, I look for ways to save some money. This way I can get more for a fraction of the price — it’s the best combination!

These 6 Tips to Save Money on Fashion

1. A Personal Shopper is a good choice

Did you know that retailers often offer discounts to personal shoppers? Retailers often offer discounts to personal shoppers in order to attract new customers. On the Association of Image Consultants International website, you can search for your personal shopper. Search based on your location. Be sure to discuss potential savings upfront. Although they will charge a fee, sometimes they can get bulk discounts or deals directly from the manufacturer, so it is worth the effort.

2. Borrow Styles instead of buying them

Don’t be stuck with expensive pieces that aren’t in fashion anymore. Fashion trends can change rapidly. You can rent clothes from a few rental companies to have new outfits on a regular basis. Rent the Runway and Null are just a few of the many services that offer customized packages and carefully selected pieces each month. You can select your favorite brands and styles to receive special savings, without having to pay a personal shopper.

3. Buy Through a Cash-Back App 

A cash-back app is a great way to save money on clothing and accessories. Dosh or Rakuten can help you organize your shopping list and earn up to 5% cashback on the items that you already purchased at full price. What’s the best part? The best part? You can get your cash back for future purchases.

4. Bridge Lines

In order to create more affordable fashion lines, higher-end brands often partner with budget-friendly retailers. Versace, for example, released a new collection called Vestiaries Collective through H&M. There’s also a Missoni line for Target, which was so popular it broke their website! You can get the same high-end designs and the same quality manufacturing for a fraction of what it costs with bridge lines like these. Some of my favorite designers, such as Vera Wang, Jason Wu, and Michael Kors have joined the bridge line revolution.

5. Update Your Accessories 

Accessorizing with new accessories is a great way to refresh your look. My money can be spent on fashionable shoes, jackets and bags. I don’t have to spend a lot of money. I already own a lot of great wardrobe basics so adding a bright scarf to my look or a chunky bracelet is a simple way to update it for less money. You can pick up new accessories quickly and easily, without spending a lot of money.

6. Invest in a Tailor 

I will buy the item I need in my size if I cannot find it, even if they are on sale. Then I take them to a tailor. The clothes fit perfectly, and I often save money. Tailoring costs are usually less expensive than luxury items that don’t go on sale.

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