How much is a septum piercing uk

How much is a septum piercing uk

What does it have in common with some of the most talented singers and actresses? They have septum piercings, in addition to their obvious talent and incredible mega-watt glow.

All of them have worn a septum band at one time or another, including Zendaya and Zoe Kravitz. According to some of the most prominent piercing professionals, this trend will only grow. Since last year, Google searches for septum piercings have been steadily increasing, and currently, there are 2 million #septumpiercings on IG.

Are septum piercings painful?

Gomes says that septum piercings are, along with the nipple, one of the most painful types of piercings. It’s important to remember that each person has a different pain threshold, so some may find it more painful than others.

Expect tears. It doesn’t mean you are crying, but it is a normal response to being pinched or pierced.

What is a septum puncturing?

Blue Banana, a specialist in piercing and nose jewellery, says that this type of piercing involves using a sterilized gauge needle. The needle will be passed through the skin by the piercer, inserting the Jewellery.

The piercer will use a small clamp first to keep the septum still. This will allow the needle to pass through the taut area. Only an experienced piercer should perform this piercing. They need to locate the “sweet spot”, the soft tissue, at the septum. They explain that this piercing should never go through any cartilage.

Are septum piercings dangerous?

Gomes adds that septum piercings should not be considered dangerous but must be cleaned regularly.

What is the average cost of septum piercings?

Remember that a piercing should not be considered a time to save money. It’s better to spend a little more to visit a reputable, certified piercer who will take good care of you. Gomes states that septum piercings typically cost between PS30-40. Although you might be able to find one cheaper, it is worth doing your research. Talk to others who have had their piercings done at that salon, and look online for reviews.

Why is septum piercing suddenly so popular?

Gomes believes that piercings, especially septum piercings, are increasing in popularity due to the well-known jewellery brands catering to piercing houses.

“This means that instead a bulky, ugly stainless steel earring you would hate to remove once your piercing is healed, you can leave with a delicate gold hoop that you have chosen and can keep.”

She adds that there is a rise of celebrities, influencers, models, and people with septum piercings. This, in turn, contributes to its popularity.

When will you be able to change the ring?

Gomes says you should leave the cartilage piercing in place for at least three months before changing your Jewellery. This gives it the time to heal properly.

For proper aftercare, you need to saline-soak the skin twice daily and then dry it. Do not pick, play, twist, or pull the piercing. Also, please don’t knock it down when applying make-up.

Is it possible to fake septum piercings?

The good news is that the fake septum ring trend doesn’t require you to buy the real thing. Many jewellery brands offer¬†designed septum rings¬†with a flexible function that allows you to adjust the size to fit your nose and septum. Genius!

What kind of Jewellery can be used for septum-piercings

There are two types of main types.

Clicker Septum

The hinged closure allows for easy insertion and removal of the hoops. It looks a bit like an ordinary earring hoop.

Closed hoops can have different stones and decorative parts along the outer edges, making them a great option for customization.


The circular barbell jewellery fits perfectly into a septum and offers one additional benefit. You can use the flip-up trick to hide the Jewellery. This is great for people who work in areas that prohibit Jewellery.


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