Five Fashion Trends To Watch In The Next Season

Trends and fashion change all the time. The latest Cosmopolitan or Australian Vogue issues are updated every few months. We find that the bag we bought last season is not as fashionable. There are pieces that remain trendy for years and others that become timeless over time.

These are some of our top picks for long-lasting pieces that will be in fashion in Australia’s upcoming season.

1. Wide Leg Trousers

Many people believe that the trend of skinny jeans is over. We don’t agree with this statement (too many great styles that we wore over the years), but we agree that wider trousers are back in fashion after years of wearing the most restrictive jeans. Margot Robbie and Miranda Kerr are two examples of icons who often rock wide-leg trousers looks. Here’s what we found to work best with non-skinny pants: the top should be more fitted than the bottom. For great comfort, you can wear the most durable raglan tops if you don’t like wearing tight clothes.

2. Feminine dresses

Half a century ago, floral midi dresses and long silky pieces weren’t fashionable. Tight mini dresses in bold colors were the new “it” factor. Fashion is shifting towards comfort and so does the dress. The preferred styles are long silhouettes, pastel colors and cottage-core aesthetics designs in floral prints. These dresses don’t need to be paired with expensive shoes or heels. A pair of simple, white sneakers can keep the look casual and easy. This dress is versatile and can be worn every day, so you don’t have to wear it for special occasions or special events. Due to the current pandemic in the world, many people are unable to access offline stores to try on the dresses and then see them in person before they arrive in their homes. Paducah’s dresses make a great choice as they are high-quality and tailored to customers’ needs.

3. Fancy Masks

This is a fact that everyone should know. Many people complain about the slight changes in what they wear every day. They say their skin becomes irritated or that makeup doesn’t last as long as it should. These observations should be addressed by dermatologists or makeup artists. However, people frequently notice one thing, which we can help with: Masks ruin an outfit. Many people claim that once they have put on a medical-grade mask, it’s like putting on a tan. The mask’s color doesn’t match the outfit. We have an easy answer to that: fancy masks. They are available to buy or you can make your own. However, it is fashionable to view your mask not as an inconvenience but as an opportunity to express your creativity and taste, and to be at the top of your outfit game. You can add flowers, sequins or other patterns to your mask. There are also options with lace or glitter.

4. White Knee-High Boots

Although the all-time classic black version has been popular for some time, the white version became a hot trend when the first images of Gossip Girl’s reboot of Gossip Girl, with Julien Calloway in Schutz white knee-high boots began to circulate on the Internet. We can’t help but agree. They are bold and new. And they are a return to the old. These boots can be worn with just about anything. You can even wear them with clothing that ends exactly where the boots begin – which is more trendy. You must remember your comfort. Look for a sturdy heel or consider whether you really need them. Pay attention to the material and select the style that suits you best. This is an unusual pair that can be a powerful statement.

5. Head Scarfs

The popularity of head scarfs has been a constant theme. They can be worn as a scarf, a hair tie or a neck piece. But now they are trendy in all sorts of ways. There are many options for how to wear them. Grace Kelly’s style is our favorite. It covers your entire head and wraps around your neck. This looks a lot like old Hollywood classic movies. You can pair this with blouses and wide-leg pants, or any dress. For an extra special touch, you can add classic sunglasses to give it an elegant look. It’s amazing how a small detail can elevate and transform an entire outfit, while also protecting your head from excessive sun exposure. We know fashion trends change, but some items are so important and transformative that they remain. These items, in our opinion, are worth keeping in your wardrobe, and playing with in the light of all the new trends.

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