Covet Fashion Beginners Guide Tips And Tricks To Get Five Star Ratings

Fashion is something everyone loves, but not all people can be fashion icons. Are you up for the challenge? Glue’s mobile game Covet Fashion focuses on dressing up and looking stylish. Covet Fashion is available on both Android and iOS platforms. You can choose from the most well-known brands in fashion, such as Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camote. You have over 175 brands to choose from. Your choices will show everyone that you have great taste. You can browse through thousands of accessories and clothing to complete your look. Fashion is not about one dress. It takes skill to put together an entire outfit. You will need to be proficient in all aspects of fashion because each look you create will be rated and you can win special prizes for those who earn at least four stars. To get those five-star ratings, make sure you read our collection of Covet Fashion tips and tricks!

  1. Get Your Daily Freebies

Covet Fashion offers a daily login bonus which rewards you with 100 Diamonds and 20 tickets. These bonuses can be very helpful if you are a free member. These rewards can be a big help even if you aren’t able to play the game. Keep an eye out for any additional rewards that you earn from other challenges, while you’re on the same screen.  The Daily 500 is another bonus, which isn’t immediately obvious. The Daily 500 seems like an event. Participation is open to all levels of participation. There are no restrictions on what you can wear. This is a unique event that will reward you $500 for joining. Log in to the game and wear whatever you like. You will walk away with $500.

2. Don’t Buy

You won’t have much money when you first start your business. You will be familiar with shop brands from real life and know how difficult it can be to have money. Don’t buy anything that looks good. Don’t even buy anything. Only buy specific clothing to win a challenge in the beginning stages of the game. When it comes to money, you need to consider the prize you will receive for winning the challenge. You should not spend 20,000 on an outfit for a challenge that only gives out 5,000. If that is the case, you might lose that challenge altogether. However, there is good news. You are not penalized for using the same outfits in different challenges. You will get a lot of use out of your pieces if you’re smart about where you shop.

3. It all comes down to the details

We have already mentioned that winning in Covet Fashion does not mean having the most expensive gown. If you want to rise to the top, you need the whole package. While you can make mistakes in the beginning, you’ll soon find that you are making errors in the later parts. Make sure you have the right accessories and makeup. It is not about the cost of the products you use. It is important to consider whether everything works together. Your overall rating will be affected by the skin color you choose. You will get better ratings if you pay attention to every inch of your outfit.

4. Connect Your Facebook Account

You can link your Facebook account to the game to allow you to add friends who are also playing. This is crucial because it allows you to help one another in order for the game to advance. You can each lend other items to complete your look. You don’t have the money to buy many pieces at once, so having friends to lend can be a great help. You can create a new account if you don’t want to use your existing Facebook account or you just want to play the game hard. You can create a brand new account and personalize it as you wish. To let others know the purpose of the account, you can even use the name of the game as your last name. It will surprise you to see how many people are doing exactly the same thing. You will soon find hundreds of Facebook friends who play the game. Within days you’ll have so many friends in the game that you can borrow unlimited items to solve your challenges.

5. Get involved in a fashion house that is active

A Fashion House is the equivalent to a guild in Covet Fashion. To help one another in the game, you can join other players. Members from the same house may also lend each other accessories that can be used to create outfits. Fashion Houses are also eligible to participate in Runway Rallies. All members of the house can participate in these competitions to win prizes. It is crucial that you join an active house. You should not be afraid of jumping around until you find one that is able to help you advance in the game.

6. How to get better ratings

You will be awarded a prize if you achieve a 4-star rating. You will receive an additional 25 diamonds if you reach 4.5. You will receive a bonus reward if you score five stars or more. You should strive for the highest rating possible at all times. This is not an easy task, as your vote count will determine how high you score. There are still a few things you can do to get closer to the desired score. First, you should consider whether you have any items from the current season. You will get more bonus points if you have more items from the current season. You can’t always wear all the clothes in your closet so make sure to only buy the most expensive items. By wearing the current season’s items under your outfit, you can sneak in some new pieces. You can, for example, wear leggings underneath your pants or a swimsuit underneath your dress. Unworn items are another source of points. These are items you have never worn before. This also applies to items borrowed from family members or housemates. The unworn bonus can be used to make up for any items you don’t want to add to your wardrobe. This is a great way to make use of items that you don’t like.

7. Stick to the Theme

Although the advice above suggests that you use more current and unworn clothing, it is not a reason to disregard the theme of your challenge. Follow the theme as closely as possible. If the theme is Classic 60s, don’t put cobalt wings on you character! The majority of players will vote fairly. This means that they will penalize players for wearing looks that are not related to the theme, even if these items are season-appropriate. Votes will make up the majority of your score, so don’t try to hide it.

8. Increase the value of your closet

Once you are comfortable with managing your finances, winning challenges and borrowing from friends, it’s time to pay attention to your Closet Value. Your Closet Value is the sum of all items you own. You will have more options for hairstyles and makeup if you raise this value. Adding more stuff to your closet is the only way you can increase your Closet Value. Buy more stuff. This is why this tip comes last in the guide. If you don’t have the money to purchase an outfit, do not prioritize increasing your Closet Value. To complete challenges, you will need to have money! You will need your money to complete challenges. However, clothing items you win will increase your Closet Value. If you’re broke, borrowing items is a great way to increase your value.

9. Take a Styling Tour

Do not be discouraged if there are no wins. This is part of the game, as there will always be losers and winners in any competition. Styling Spree is a weekly competition that encourages players to keep participating in the challenges. This competition rewards you with high-end wardrobe items. You just need to complete the required amount of challenges each week. Only certain challenges will count towards your Styling Spree total. Based on the descriptions, you will be able to determine which challenges are eligible. Each week there are around 27 Style Spree challenges. You will be awarded your prize if you have completed all of the Styling Spree challenges, regardless of whether you have won them. This is a great way to get your prize, even if the event pages have closed. You will soon be stocked with premium items if you keep up the weekly spree challenges.

10. Want To Be On Top? Here are the Things You Need to Do

Everyone’s goal is to one day reach the top. Two clothing prizes and 5025 diamonds will be awarded for achieving a Top Look. Your look will also be featured on the homepage runway, which is what really matters. Even if you don’t win Top Look at the beginning of the game, don’t lose heart. It is possible to not win Top Look during the first 20 levels of the game. You need to first unlock higher-level items. Voters will often vote for looks that are not available at higher levels. Favorite pieces are often the deciding factor in votes. These favorites will allow you to be closer to your runway look. Even if you don’t receive the Top Look reward there is still the Best Look In Level reward. This consolation prize is awarded to participants with a score of above 5.70, but below 5.80. You receive all the benefits of a 5-star rating, plus 500 additional diamonds. Your look will be seen on the runway so it’s not a complete lose!

11. Fly Around The World

The Jet Set challenges are another set of challenges in Covet Fashion. These challenges take you to various locations all over the globe and feature themes specific to each location. Each entry will contain three entries. Each entry will have a different requirement. They are often easy to pass so don’t stress too much. You will need to dress your character in the Jet Set season, and take into account any unworn bonus items. These challenges are only eight hours long, so you’ll know in a day what you did. Stars are awarded instead of the usual prizes. To unlock the next Jet Set location, you will need to collect the required amount of stars. 500 diamonds will be awarded to you for unlocking the next destination. You will need more stars the further you go in the Jet Set challenges. To get more stars, you may have to repeat old challenges. It is a great way of racking up diamonds, even if you don’t have the money to buy it.

12. Earn Your Diamonds

Covet Fashion’s premium currency, diamonds can be hard to find. There are free alternatives if you don’t wish to spend real money. You will find the Earn tab when you visit the Premium shop. You will find a list with offers you can complete to earn diamonds. It all depends on what type of offer you take. You can earn up to 15,000 diamonds from some of these offers. Most offers involve downloading apps or answering surveys. Some offers may require you to make a purchase. You might want to delay getting too excited about earning diamonds from the offers page. Double diamond events are often offered by the game. This means that you can earn twice as many diamonds by completing the same task. Waiting until the double diamond events allows you to earn thousands of dollars just by completing surveys.

13. Check out the Latest Models

There are two game modes available: Classic and Modern. The settings page allows players to choose which mode they want. Classic mode has only the standard model body and the same facial features. You cannot change the skin tone. Modern Models introduces the idea of different body types and ethnicities. You are limited to using a particular model for each challenge in Modern Mode. You cannot switch between skin tones or body types. If the event is Japanese Princess, for example, you will receive a model who looks Japanese. Modern Models mode has its limitations. However, they present more realistic models. This mode is a great way to show people that different ethnicities and body types can look beautiful. The Classic mode has the same look over and over. Modern mode is more open to creativity and allows for less repetition.

14. Voting: The Power of Voting

Voting is an important part of being a player. How active the community votes for the different styles will affect the game’s mechanics. You should make sure to vote as often as possible. Fair voting is something you should always do. You should always consider the theme of the entries that you vote for, even if you have favorite entries. This will help to keep the game fair, active, and active. Fashion isn’t as simple as it seems, even though models make it seem easy. If you want to be rated highly, make sure you retain everything you have learned from the Covet Fashion strategy guide!

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