Best earrings for sensitive ears

Best earrings for sensitive ears

Finding the right earrings for sensitive ears is a big help for finishing touches. Some people avoid earrings entirely when accessories become a problem. It makes sense. Have you ever searched for the perfect pair of earrings only to find that they make your lobes swollen, itchy, and red? Zero fun. The jewellery is often the problem.

What is it about sensitive ears that makes them so sensitive? In the hope of displaying piercings again, we tapped experts to help us sort out our sensitive-ear situation. We have compiled a list of top picks for you to read.

What makes your ears sensitive to touch?

It’s delicate. ShariMarchbein, M.D. is a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist. She says that the skin around the earlobes is thinner than the skin around the eyes and lips, making them more susceptible to allergic reactions or irritation. Additionally, earrings worn directly against the skin can cause allergic reactions.

Marchbein explains that you may be experiencing allergic contact dermatitis (or ACD). This is a type of eczema marked by red, itchy patches on the skin due to exposure to certain chemicals, such as various metals found within jewellery.

What earrings should you avoid for sensitive ears?

You will need to put on your Sherlock hat to find out what is bothering you. Experts say that any metal (including cobalt and gold) can trigger an allergic reaction. A patch test is the best way to determine if you have a metal allergy. However, some materials can be problematic.

Oanvider Small Hoop Earrings in Surgical Stainless Steel

You can’t decide on the size of your hoop. This smart pair of Oanvider hypoallergenic earrings will change things up. Amazon’s Choice selection features three small surgical stainless steel hoop pairs that can be worn all day without irritation. They can also be swapped out to match different outfits.

Nordstrom Two-Carat Cubic Zirconia Earrings

This set of studs by Nordstrom adds a little bling to your collection. It features a cubic zirconia gemstone set in sterling silver with either platinum or 14-karat. This pick is great for gifting because of its sensitive metals and affordable price.

Mejuri Wishbone Studs

Mejuri is our favourite jewellery brand to make a subtle statement while not spending too much. The brand has created a set of stylish wishbone gold earrings to make sensitive ears happy. The pair of (slightly superstitious) worry-free studs are made with 14-karat gold and won’t oxidize.

Uhibros Surgical Stainless steel Round Ball Earrings

These versatile, nickel-free earrings are made from surgical steel. They have received a near-perfect rating and close to 4,000 reviews. “Love them. One reader comments, “I have a nickel allergy and extremely sensitive skin. I have not had any reaction to these.” Another reader confirms that the items are hypoallergenic. For added security, they have a double-notched rear for extra protection (though if you lose one, you can rest assured knowing that you have four spares).

Baublebar Paola Earrings

This beautiful pair of braided gold earrings are a great alternative to bling. This hypoallergenic design is made of shiny gold-plated metal and can be used with all types and sizes of Huggies and hoops.

Mason Miru Classic Huggie Hoop

Huggies is having a moment. This sleek, 14-karat gold-plated brass set by nickel-free jewellery brand Mason Miru can be worn alone or stacked with other pieces.

Tini Lux Trendsetter Hoops

Jackie Burke founded Tini Lux in response to her many run-ins with not-so-hypoallergenic earrings, centring the brand around the biocompatible properties of titanium and niobium. The square-shaped pair of earrings is a modern version of traditional silver hoops. It is also non-allergenic titanium. The brand claims that earrings can be worn in water without tarnishing.

Blue Nile Sterling Silver Flat Love Knit Stud Earrings

The Blue Nile is a brand that combines beauty and grace. The brand only carries conflict-free tantalum from non-conflict mines. The Love Knot Studs sterling silver earrings are a timeless (and very comfortable!) choice. You’ll be wearing this style over and over again.

Baublebar Niata 18Karat-Gold Huggie Hoops

All of Baublebar’s jewellery pieces are certified nickel-, lead-, cadmium-, and phthalates-free, which means you can feel even better about scooping up this sparkly set of 18-karat-gold-plated silver, cubic-zirconia-encrusted hoops. They are available in many finishes and colours to suit your needs.

Ana Luisa Mini Kinoko Marble Blue Earrings

These marble-blue marvels by Ana Luisa are the perfect pearl earrings. The titanium earrings are nickel-free and 14-karat gold-plated, with a drop-earring design that will draw compliments wherever you go.

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