8 Clever Fashion Tips And Tricks To Look Taller & Slimmer

Sometimes, we want to appear taller than we really are. We also love makeup that enhances and complements our features. It doesn’t matter what your true self is and will not affect your confidence. You can add a few inches to your height with high heels. These clever fashion tips and tricks will make you appear taller, but that’s not all.

1. Flared jeans are acceptable

Skin-fit jeans should have a flared bottom. High waisted jeans are a must. This creates the illusion of longer and thinner legs. Flares can be paired with a top that is waist-length or a shirt you can tuck into and low-cut heels.

2. Reduce the size of your handbag!

Choose a clutch that is not too broad and straight-lined.

3.Maximize Your Potential

Crop tops and high heels are a great addition.

4. Rock a top-knot with your hair!

It’s true! You can easily make your hair look taller with a top knot. You should try it, it’s cool and easy to maintain.

5. Wear V-necks

A V-neck top is a great option for a longer and leaner torso. We mean a V-neck top with a slight deep V.

6. Keep it short

You can either go super short or long. This will make you appear taller and give the illusion of having longer legs. It’s even better if you use the same color as your top and mini skirt.

7. Wear vertical stripes

You may be familiar with vertical stripes. This trick makes you appear slimmer and longer. Do not choose horizontal stripes. It will make your appearance shorter.

8. Nude pumps for your skin tone

To give the illusion that your legs are miles long, make sure you have a pair nude pumps that match your skin. The low-cut heels, i.e. the one that runs across your foot at front, are the best. Miss Louie’s video “How to Look Taller” gives you all the details on styling and fashion tips. You now have all the fashion tricks you need to appear taller and slimmer. But do you actually have enough? You might have it all, while others might not. You don’t need it to buy clothes. It’s easy to find fashion coupons and search for sales, and still save enough. Make sure to update your wardrobe and leave feedback in the comments section.

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